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Care & Maintenance

Here are a few hints and tips to help you get the most out of your board. We hope you enjoy riding the Wai…

 *IMPORTANT: Do not leave your board in the bubble wrap packing in the sun!!


It is recommended that you always get on and off your board in an area with calm shallow water. Always start on your knees and only stand when safe. When standing your feet should be shoulder width apart, parallel and pointed forward with the board’s handle in between your feet. When paddling, face the paddle so that the logo faces forward and away from you.

Your board has a Gore-Tex vent plug to help relieve internal pressure caused when board warms up. Please follow the following care and maintenance rules to keep your Wai SUP board from over-hearting and being damaged.


Following a few steps will help you protect your Wai Paddleboard for years and years to come!

  1. Store your board in a dry, cool and safe place.
  2. Do not store board in a damp environment. Make sure your board is clean and dry before storing in a board bag. A wet board in board bag in sun will delaminate.
  3. Do not store your board in the sun or in other places that can become too hot, such as automobiles or board bags.
  4. Keep boards and boards in board bags out of direct sunlight.
  5. When paddling avoid rocks, debris and other hard surfaces that may puncture your board. If board is punctured have board professionally repaired.
  6. Avoid both dropping and hitting your board into obstacles.
  7. If you get a crack or hole in the board, immediately have it professionally repaired or water/moisture can get in and heat up, causing the board to delaminate.
  8. Always be extremely cautious when strapping your board down to your automobile.
  9. Keeping your WAI SUP board clean will prolong its life. *Sunlight will destroy your board. Keep board out of direct sunlight. Wai Warranty does not cover overheated boards. The effects of heat increase when deck pad is facing the sun. Set board top down to keep deck pad out of sun. If your board is exposed to direct sunlight during transportation or temporary storage it is best to keep white bottom facing up. If board is exposed to heat or sunlight and core temperatures reach 150 degrees, EPS Foam will begin to outgas and become unstable. This will cause your board to delaminate. Wai SUP will not warranty delaminated boards.


Standup Paddle boarding can be physically demanding, dangerous and deadly!

  • Anyone using this board may be at risk of injury or death.
  • Get certified training and know your limits before using this board.
  • This board is intended for recreational use only.
  • Never use this board in rough or stormy conditions.
  • Never use this board in whitewater conditions.
  • This board is not intended as a life saving device.
  • Do not allow minors to use this board without adult supervision.
  • Do not use in areas where dangerous or strong current flows can over come your ability to control your boards direction or destination.
  • Never use drugs or alcohol before or during the operation of this board.
  • Always paddle with a buddy in case you require emergency help.
  • Never use board in cold water that could cause hypothermia.
  • Life jackets: always wear certified PDF when using this board.
  • Leash: Always wear a leash except when in whitewater conditions.