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I bought a WAI 12 board this past summer and I love it. I paddle on the sacramento River and Lake Tahoe. I'm hooked. I love paddling. It's a great way to get in shape while doing something fun. I bought my wife a 11' board and we go out together all the time. Were both so happy with our WAI SUP boards. Their easy to learn on and paddle great. I've been extremely happy with how strong the boards are. I've hit a few rocks and only have minor scratches and no dings. I did a lot of research before buying an SUP board and have found that my Wai board is just as good as some of my friends boards for half the price. 

Chris Cosca, Sacramento CA


My name is Dawn and I live a few blocks from Lake Tahoe on the west shore. My boyfriend has been paddling for a few years. I tried it last summer and loved it. The only problem was that I couldn't carry his board by myself. I wanted to get my own so we could paddle together but not spend as much money as he did and be able to transport it myself. The package deal Wai SUP offers was a great deal. I bought an 11' board. It's perfect for me. I can put it on my car myself and go for a paddle whenever I want. I love my adjustable paddle too. It's nice and light and any of my friends can borrow it. I've been able to explore areas on the lake I've never seen before. It's a great peaceful workout. 

Dawn, Tahoe City CA